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Facism in Religion by derghaust Facism in Religion by derghaust
Throughout human history, of all the inspirations for acts of brutality from one man unto another, from one nation unto another, from one oppressor unto the oppressed, there is no more guilty party than the book known as the Holy Bible.

And now you followers, you sheep, you "lambs of God," do as you have been papally programmed by your Führer, and attack me with all the maliciousness you can muster. Nail me to your Savior's cross, throw me into your gas chamber, unleash your Inquisitors against me, crusade against me as you have crusaded against all other Unbelievers; I refuse to fall.

Your ungodly righteous fury will only strengthen my resolve. You will violate your Lord's own words as quoted by your own Book when you decry me, when you cast me down, and your hypocrisy will echo in your words, and you will be the ones called to judgment (Matthew 5.22, 5.39).

God is not within some celestial tower, over-looking mankind with one half-closed apathetic eye; He is gone, remaining only within the intelligence and love hiding deep inside of those made in His image.

Do not follow blindly those who may lead you into damnation, as so many have done before you. Trust in yourself and your own judgment, not in the judgment of those who speak His words with a forked tongue, or write it with childishly crossed fingers.
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alexanderhofmann Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2011
[quote]And now you followers, you sheep, you "lambs of God," do as you have been papally programmed by your Führer, and attack me with all the maliciousness you can muster. Nail me to your Savior's cross, throw me into your gas chamber, unleash your Inquisitors against me, crusade against me as you have crusaded against all other Unbelievers; I refuse to fall.[/quote]

Fallfromgrace1969 Featured By Owner May 14, 2009
nicely worded
Triadbeast Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2007
what are you getting at?
are you saying those of judeochristian faith are nazis?

the same judeochristians that saved europes ass and beat the nazis?

if we were really nazis would you be able to publish things like this?
KILLtheDREAMS Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2007
this is great.
the words you speak are nothing but the truth.
religion has caused so much pain and death in our world its almost unbelievable.
and the image is just cool.
Orkideh84 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
WOW! I love this work! keep doing this!! XD and show no mercy to hypocrites!!! See yaa!!! =)
7rn Featured By Owner May 25, 2005
Love your neighbor as you love yourself, Love God, Love your enemies. That's facism if I've ever seen it!!!
JahuteSkye Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2005
Damn those fascists! them and their love... give me good old fashioned hate, thats a far better way to build a democracy! especially hate against religions that promote love! thats the best kind of hate.
Reasonably-Sunny Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2004
Eeep. Sorry you feel that way.

Look, I know a lot of religious people are jerks. Usually they mean well. But we're human, just like everybody else, and, well, sometimes we have a tendency to think that only idiots don't believe like we do. It's a horrible attitude to have, and bigotry isn't excusable in any circumstances, from any side. I think it was Ghandi who said "I like their Christ. I don't like their Christians." It's a valid criticism. Evil things have been done in the name of Christianity, Islam, ect. But that doesn't mean that it's necessarily evil in and of itself.

I like the style of the picture, though I can't agree with your description, and it sounds a bit overly dramatic to me. How did you make the book, anyway?
derghaust Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2005
Took a bad picture of a Bible, photoshopped out the wave/flame thing on the cover, and (poorly) photoshopped in a swastika. It honestly took about twenty minutes, and jesus,* it's really poorly done. The description took longer. Also, if it helps, I don't believe all that much of it anymore. The whole thing was more of an enfant terrible sort of exercise than anything else.

*Irony noted.
Reasonably-Sunny Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2005
Cool. My photoshopped stuff looks like an eight-year-old taped some pictures together, so I'm in awe of anyone who can make stuff look halfway decent.

I know how that is, only I go in the other direction *shame*.
patqueisler Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2004
If I could show what I feel with images, you would see a german guy staring at the ground, thinking about the written words above. Now he raises his head, willing to live like said in these sentences. Not because I want to be lead, but it's the right way.

Even if every german says sorry for things happened, it will never be forgotten. :-(

About the art: I can't believe there is a bible with a swastika, strange, really strange. The text really touches me. Great!
snakeanarchy Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2003
Nice work, cept that your forgot to mention that the first paragraph from your describtion is from the Corporate Avenger song "The Bible is Bullshit" and the guilty party also includes the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita
derghaust Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2003
Yes, you're right. As a few people have already identified, the very beginning is a quote of sorts from Corporate Avenger, to whom I was listening heavily at the time. As I recall, I'd just watched the otherwise-terrible movie Finding Forrester, and thought it would be good to mimic an exercise shown in said film, in which a younger writer who cannot find inspiration takes the words of a writer already-successful, and infuses them with his own meaning by continuing, or something... Anyway, thanks for the comment.
osyris Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2003
i want to lash out but i will not defend those who chose such paths. i can only become stronger from all of this.

just as many have taken other faiths and twisted them, so too has christianity been forever scaired. but it is this fact which saddens me most. so many have used what is good for their own foolish, selfish reasons. most would rather hate me for their actions. my only comfert is that i am not part of them. and what you say is true, we all shall be judged as we have judged. i pity those whom have made a mockery of my faith, for they will pay even more than anyone else.

i sit beside the muslims, wickens, jews, and all those who's faith have been used as an excuse to kill and control. we all pray for peace.

sad but true, my firend. nice work.
broken1982 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2003
I wish I would have done it :) (Smile) Take a look at my gallery for similiar work. Good job. +fav.

Also, to all the people who didn't get the message... It isn't saying that Hitler is God, or that "nazism" in particular represents religion... It's fascism, and sometimes you have to take what is most commonly associated with a particular group to convey a message.

and since some of you are so "brain dead" as someone put it, why don't you just open your minds a little bit and stop taking what's fed to you.

Thanks for the art, thanks for the thought, and thanks for letting me rant.
j-bruce Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2003
where does one get a Nazi Bible?
sirensin Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2003
yea, you definetly seem to be a big fan of reaction-provoking. too bad for you there are so many liberal people on DA lol. scanning all those comments, i didn't find many that damned you to hell for your blasphemy. personally, i agree with you, but it's my opinion that you did this more for the shock than for the actual merit of the work, essence, something that should be meaningful, only appears shallow and lame. sorry.

though i do like the way you expressed the idea of religion being the root of all evil. except that hitler was more big on you must be Blonde lol rather than you must be Christian, i believe.
altermind Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
difficult to know what to say with a piece like that... but.... it states something about the human state of mind....
devilmech Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2002
LOL, nice quote from corporate avenger there. Don't think I didn't notice.

I like this. THe association of a regime of terror with the book that is responsible for more acts of terror than any other, brings sharply into focus what you were trying to get across. Well done, you have my congratulations

tonica Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
I like that you put the swastikka on the bible... it kind of reminds people where most of the 'evils' in society spawned from, and i do not know your religion, nor do I care.... but, dont go around trying to piss off christians just because you found something better in your opinion.

We each have our own beleifs, and if this is an attempt at sending the message out about satanism then I think you need to look at your own hypocracies. However, I dont know what your intent was with this picture and that description. Was that written by you or LaVey?
neo2055 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2002
Heil Satan!
siedhr Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2002  Hobbyist Writer
it looks so much like one of those document photos taken in the old days.
I do like it. I also like the statement behind it. And the description is pretty good bit of prose(could use some improvement though).
I've been reading the comments before mine(it's always interesting and educative;) (Wink) ) and for the umpteenth time, I said to myself, oh why do some people never bother to really read and try to understand before spilling their guts (and with this I also mean the favorable comments). eh, people are shallow...
I remember a discussion i had once with a friend. I was trying to explain to him that most wars have a either a religious motive or used religion as a tool.The theme was mainly WW2. glad to know other see it as well.
it's late.
kronix Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2002
Religion introduced the concept of right and wrong. Your rant is based on your interpretation of what is right and wrong. Without religion we'd have nothing; we'd still be wandering around in the Stone Age. Religion is what spurred mankind to it's position of dominance on this planet.

Think about that the next time you try to burn a mosque, temple or church. That was my turn to make a gross generalisation based on your beliefs. I read your comment on ~xlnc's user page with much amusement. You assume he's Christian, when in fact he's not; he was defending religion, not Christianity.

This deviation is nothing but an attempt to achieve controversy, and controversy in itself is not a valid argument. The second paragraph in particular formed a vivid picture of a headless chicken in my mind. However, it’s been almost a year since this piece was submitted, maybe it grew back. Get a life and find something better to do than to flame religion gratuitously.

xlnc Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2002
You are a misguided fool and i truly feel sorry for anyone who has nothing to believe in without belief what are we? I would go on and explain the whole concept to you but that would be pointless as only a single minded fool would ritght such as piece so i will not waste my time
Zlatty Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2002  Professional Photographer
Interesting concept.... very ...
idiom451 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2002
well, as far as the image goes, it's nicley done; and very provocative, i like that.

as for the 'discussion' that has ensued, allow me to give my two cents. as a follower of jesus christ, i have to agree completely with derghaust comment, many evil things are done in the name of God. however, just as everyone that is an artist isn't a good artist, all that call themselves christians are not 'good' christians...that is simply human nature. we can't help but have shortcomings and failures...however, to say that God does not exist and all followers of God are blind sheep is a bit hypocritical. as a christian i base my life on the bible and my relationship with Jesus; what do you base your life on? you own principles and beliefs that you had to learn somewhere, so we each have our own teachers and beliefs, who is to say which is right or wrong?
i say to each his own. i will respect and listen to anyone tell of their beliefs if they do the same for me.

massikka Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2002
great meaning.. Nod
mantra Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2002
this photo is so powerful, speaks the truth
listener002 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2002
ill keep my opinion on both content and quality of execution to myself as johnny-come-lately, but the most disturbing comment here has to be whitelightning's ... "[it's a] simple thing to say; if you're offended, look away ..."

if that doesn't send a bit of a chill up the collective spine, we all really need a history lesson ...
ravenpain Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2002
lol, this is just great! I Love it!
Actually, my friend has Hitler's autograph. LOL. She may not be proud of it but he was a great man... Ok, now dont come and accuse me for being a nazi, cuz im not. I just want Hitler's Autograph too. :D (Big Grin) =P (Razz) Not because i like him, because he was a big leader. He was good at it.
Thats all.
He was famous! =P (Razz)

.'With War comes Art, with Art comes Happiness-.

nope Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
Comparing religion to facism and comparing the bible to Hitlers "Mein Kampf" ? not very subtile and not realy convincing either

"Gott ist tot"

"Nietsche ist tot"

:D (Big Grin)
misteriddles Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2002   Photographer
I love it, tho I know that not all Xians are fascists.

> "Educate yourself before you slander someone's passion."
That's rich. If only they practiced what they preach.

Pride Pride Pride Pride Pride

monaux Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2002
Clever, although I now believe that the best way to argue religious matters is to not argue them at all.

aslan Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2002   Writer
I read your slanders...

And even as they may break the bones of some.
They peirce no deeper then the skin you see covering my soul.

I am sorry to see you in such hate my friend.
why would one want to abuse the gifts that were so softly laid before you?

to plant a seed in blindess is unknowing your fate.
Someday your eyes will open, and life will change as you have never known it before.

Who was to say God was ever alive?
Educate yourself before you slander someones passion.

One question:
Who bathed our spirits in sin before the birth of our flesh form?

we damned ourselves. redemption can be made.

save yourself, followed by planting the seed of thousands.

angels-remnants Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2002
although i am a christian and must throroughly disagree with your claiming that god is dead ((for that is an assumption no human can prove--for to prove that, you would have to be a god yourself. and if you were a god, to be able to prove there is no god, than there would be god, because there would be you)) i must say that i agree with the hypocrisy theory. if we were true followers of our own beliefs it wouldn't be so vicious here on earth.
throw me into your own gas chambers, but i do not follow others blindly. i follow only what my heart says. what my heart knows to be true.
to be christian, for me, is to be true.
you express yourself clearly and beautifully. a gift very few people have.

---------------------------------------- -
making animal noises is not at all a proper way of expressing oneself!
digitaltwist Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2002
excellent. a true masterpiece. +favs
naxzul Featured By Owner May 13, 2002
great photo, very controversial. i shall say no more.
ivoryocean Featured By Owner May 3, 2002
beautifully corrupt ...i love it :) (Smile)
-miss jane-

knowledge is power...arm yourself.

look [link] into [link] my mind [link]
nitsuj-ex Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2002
hmm. dunno about facist, but religion isnt all that its cracked up to be.
:watching the world through SLR:
thelambofgod Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2002   Writer
the "do un to others" is just an over simplified stab at Kants Supreme Principle of Morality...common!
tozkera Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2002
I stop to read the comments when it started the christian mumble jumble when it started to be nonsense.
Now this is truly a poweful piece, and nazis were, indeed, christians. And Church looked the other way on the holocaust facts and condemn Profilatics. Anyone who thinks a religion that had an INDEX of demon books and burn them, its a big pain in the ass, empty-headed.... no one in sane conditions would aprove that.
stupidperson Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2002
your words are so fucking powerful, and send across a great message. one thing which few realize is that the bible itself was merely thrown together by a panel of peoples. a black man submitted a book to get inclucded in the bible, not surprisingly it was denied.

leviticus 20,13: "if any one lie with a man as with a woman, both have committed an abomination, let them be put to death: their blood be upon them."
This speaks for itself.
mokas Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2002
no one ever mentions deism....
bloodytears Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2002
first of all, this is a great piece, absolutely love it. as i recall, hitler states in 'mein kampf' that he was a catholic. additionally, as someone pointed out, he WAS backed by the pope.

there can be, and indeed is, morality separate from the christian god... it's pretty simple, there are 2 possibilities. 1, god made up all the rules, and you take them to be good simply because god made them the rules and god is good (circular logic, but i'll overlook it for now). this makes him arbitrary, and if he commanded the opposite, then he would be just as praiseworthy. the other option, number 2, is that a morality exists outside and prior to god, and he, in his infinite wisdom says, 'hey look, stealing is bad,' etc. meaning that god didn't create everything. equally unacceptable to a christian. so either one, the bible isn't the unerring word of god, or he falls under one of those 2 categories.

regarding our inability to understand god, i'd agree with that. he's obscured knowledge from the start, and i doubt that he would want us to know that he created evil.

[from the mind of a deicidal maniac]
sajsemegaloma Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2002
i like the picture and the message it sends, since i am opposed to organised religion, but your description is overly dramatised ...
but anyway, good pic, good statement

since everybody's quoting something, i'm gonna do the same:
"the less you know, the more you believe"
- U2
harlequin02 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2002
Nice pic. . .

"Religion. . .is the opium of the people."
-Karl Marx

dominyx Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2002   Digital Artist
Thought I'd just chip in...

I believe in God. I'm going to Heaven. But I have no religion. Religion is the publication of one's faith. Faith is an intimate and powerful thing, something that should be between you and your god. Forcing ones faith onto another is wrong, I have my faith, you have yours, and that’s it.
seriousness Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2002
ok. i used to think of myself as a generally non-religious person. i've never really believd in any god, although i've generally followed the judao-christian ethic. (do unto others as you would have them do unto you.) it seems to make sense to me. i generally don't care what other people's religious beliefs are, although i try not to offend those with faith.

i realised the other day, though, that i *am* religious. the new religion of science. scientific thinking may sound good, and encouragement to question everything is good, but how much must be taken as true? we are taught theories at school as if they are true. do *you* know that we are made up of atoms? it is no more than a theory, which can change easily with the whims and fashions of the time.

in the end, i believe that it is important for us, as humans, to have some greater power to believe in. be it god (sorry, God), gods, or science, we all have a need to believe.

ever played deus ex? there's a nice conversation you can have with an a.i. in the illuminati h.q. about humans and the need to believe. if i had a copy of it, i'd post it here....but i don't so i can't.

menawhile, himynameiznate, you're an idiot. there *can* be morality without a god. i believe that the NAZI's (it should be capitalised- it's an acronym.) were "bad", and i can also believe that people like Mother Theresa (although i don't know anything about her except her reputation...let's say "generic saint" instead?) was "good"-but i don't believe in god. there can be human-initiated moral systems, which are just as valid as those begun by omnioptent beings. on the other hand, i respect your faith.

just to throw you, did adam and eve have belly buttons? if they did, it indicates a birth they supposedly never had, and if they didn't, they (or us) are not perfect humans. wtf?

oh yeah. Manson, for your information, does not support devil-worshipping. he says (and i'm quoting from memory here!) "that would just be replacing one form of organised religion for another", its antithesis. and that would be pointless.

darkness, be my friend
mon0l1th Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2002
The picture is great. I was looking more at the text you wrote to go with it though. VERY nice! How long that take you? Why did you write it? Are you a Christian yourself? I don't know. I'm jsut asking. PLEASE don't flame me!

systemaddikt Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2002
christians and athiests sleep in the same bed
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